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Thursday 18th April 2019

 “Look with kindness and you will find wonder.” 

Riddle of the Week
Tish Keech

Tish has worked in Wolverhampton schools all her working life teaching in Infant, Primary and Secondary schools and spent the last 15 years as a Headteacher. Tish now works with school leaders in the city through a company called Connected Partnership, write books and looks after her grandchildren.


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Manage, Monitor and Report your contracts with Baseline


No one likes surprise bills or finding out a contract has auto-renewed without your awareness. Baseline alerts you when your contracts and licences are up for renewal so you can always plan ahead. 

To find out more about Baseline’s Contract Management module head to: Baseline.cloud

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Concero’s Employee of the Month for March 2019


In the month of March Tim championed our bid to remain ISO accredited, and it’s safe to say he absolutely smashed it out the park! Our ISO accreditation adds immense value to Concero as it signifies to our Customers, both current and prospective, as well as our competitors, that our internal processes and procedures are up to an internationally-certified standard. This is incredibly important considering the nature of the industry within which we operate, the kind of data we process, and the information we have access to every single day.

Tim was/is instrumental in ensuring that our processes were (and remain) up to the required standard, and that we also had the necessary evidence to prove that our procedures are excellent along every dimension and intersection. Tim is the reason that not only can we talk the ISO-talk, but that we can also walk the ISO-walk.

Because a lot of the work Tim had to complete is very much behind the scenes and under the radar, it’s challenging to appreciate just how much work, effort, and tears go into retaining our ISO accreditation and refining our processes to ensure we remain at the top of our game. But let me tell you (and bear in mind I have probably only had exposure to about 5% of what Tim had/has to do), the workload is absolutely enormous! Luckily for us, Tim takes this in his stride and just cracks on with the task in hand. It is for this reason that Concero consistently meets the requirements as set out by ISO, and for this Tim we thank you!

Andy (Tim’s Line Manager) described in the CLT Meeting how Tim went above and beyond to ensure that all the work was completed, detailing how Tim consistently took it upon himself to see the project through from start to finish.

Tim, congratulations on your fantastic achievement, and thank you for keeping Concero ISO accredited!

Ladies & gents, please join me in congratulating Tim for being Concero’s Employee of the Month for March 2019.

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Educational leaders need a comprehensive overview of each schools IT assets and inventory along with maintenance schedules.


Regardless of your technical skills or ability Baseline gives users the power to review and track school and MATs development. Leaders can then focus on saving time, reducing costs and enhance the teaching and learning process for students.

To find out more about Baseline’s Asset Management module head to https://baseline.cloud

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How do you manage and monitor your IT Service?


With school budgets being stretched, it is crucial that our educational customers are able to clearly see how well their investments are being applied as this can have a huge impact on the teaching, learning and development of schools and MATs.

You need to be able to manage, monitor and report your schools IT Service and track how it is being utilised. We have the solution for you, Baseline.

To find out more about Baseline’s IT Service module head to Baseline.cloud

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 If you are loosing track with statutory education requirements, look no further.


You can stay up to date and complaint with Baseline. 

Concero's three year development plan identifies key areas that including hardware, software, renewals, safeguarding, data protection and includes the IT national curriculum program. Each development plan works to all education guidelines including Ofsted and DfE so you can feel confident that that you are getting honest, non biased advice.

To find out more about Baseline’s Development and Compliance module head to https://baseline.cloud

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'Dynamic' Headteacher or you could use Baseline


Dynamic’ Headteacher or a cloud based platform that generates real time facts and figures so education leaders can feel confident in making key strategic decisions for your school and MATs development inline with DfE and Ofsted regulations? 

To find out more about Baseline’s Development and Compliance module head to https://baseline.cloud

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E-Safety Featured resource of the week


If you work with 4-7 year olds, our featured resource from ThinkUKnow is a brilliant E-Safety resource for you. 

#ThinkUKnow’s new resource #JessieAndFriends explores concepts like consent, trust, healthy and unhealthy online behaviours and help children practice responding to risk and getting help.

To find out more head to https://squareone.education, click resources and search ThinkUKnow. 

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Review key areas within your School or MAT with Baseline's Development & Compliance module


How do you ensure your Multi Academy Trust complies with the requirements of the Academies Financial Handbook (paragraph 4.9) and addresses the risk of fraud, theft and/or irregularity?

Review key areas within your school or MAT with Concero’s 3 year development plan including software, hardware, safeguarding and data protection. 

Every school in the UK can take advantage of Baseline as our Development and Compliance module is available for every school. The full five-suite module package is free to Concero IT Support customers.

To find out more about Baseline’s Development and Compliance module head to - Baseline.cloud

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‘Dynamic’ headteacher or you could use Baseline?


‘Dynamic’ headteacher or you could use Baseline?

To watch the full video - Development & Compliance

To find out more about Baseline head to the website: Baseline.cloud 

Or you could use Baseline?


Manage, Monitor and Report on key areas with #Baseline. Baseline gives education and MAT leaders the visibility to review and track each school through a cloud-based portal with real time data and notifications. This is perfect for MATs as it enables ‘collaborative’ communication across your estate.

To find out more about Baseline head to the website: Baseline.cloud

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Manage, Monitor and Report with Baseline


Calling all Education leaders, MAT leaders, IT Directors, CEOs and Office managers. Say goodbye to dull compliance checklists and spreadsheets, and say hello to Baseline.

Designed for you to manage, monitor and report on key areas across your school or MAT. Baseline’s 5 dynamic modules will give you the visibility to manage assets, monitor contracts, review your IT service, remain complaint and stay cyber secure.

To watch the full overview video about Baseline head to - Overview Video

For more information about how Baseline can work for you, head to Baseline.cloud 

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Eight reasons why everyone is talking about Baseline


A modular based platform designed for education leaders to manage, monitor and report on key areas in every school and MAT across the UK.

To find out more about Baseline head to the website: Baseline.cloud

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British Science Week 2019


It’s British Science Week this week so we wanted to celebrate one of the greatest British Scientists: Alan Turing.  

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Employee of the month for February is Ollie Russell


The employee of the month for February is Ollie Russell.

Other than looking impeccable every day and rushing home for an emergency shave before an important meeting! Ollie has surpassed expectations on numerous occasions this month going above and beyond.

Ollie is working hard behind the scenes and not everyone sees the impact of his efforts. In February Ollie wrote from scratch multiple in depth tender documents. In some cases the documents are in excess of 30,000 characters. The work he has put in has been immense in the tight deadlines we had for completion. Ollie even came in on his day off to ensure the tenders were completed and to an extremely high standard. 

Well done Ollie and congratulations on Employee of the Month for February 

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Meet the Team - Alan Foster


Get to know our curriculum advisor, Alan Foster.

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ZuluDesk is a powerful MDM solution for today’s modern digital classroom


Following Apple’s recent withdrawal of services and support for products used across education to manage Apple devices, Concero was forced to look elsewhere for a new Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to deploy to our customers. After conducting trials and testing of several different solutions, we decided that Zuludesk was the most appropriate product for Concero and its customers to take advantage of.

Zuludesk is a cloud based MDM solution designed specifically for education, unlike most MDM solutions. This allows for education-friendly administration of your Apple products to quickly deploy applications, apply critical software updates, set restrictions, and take control of what students are using their devices for. Built into the solution are some fantastic features to help teachers and students get the most out of their lessons. Teachers are able to plan lessons where access to certain applications can be restricted, files and messages can be sent, and specific applications and websites can be opened for the students to access, all from inside the teacher’s application. Teachers have the ability to install applications on the devices to minimise the time to deploy, enhancing the learning experience for students.

 Concero is now working closely with Zuludesk to be able to deliver the solution to our customers and provide support for the system. If you have any queries, please get in contact with Sam Russell via srussell@concerouk.com who will be able to answer any of your questions on the system.

Connect your educational apps into one single login for students, teachers and school staff


It is difficult to remember a number of passwords to login into apps, especially if you are a young student. Wonde has created a fantastic, simple solution for students, teachers and school staff to connect with apps using the ultimate single login. 

We spoke to Rachael Hinkins who is part of the services team at Wonde at the Bett Show about how they are working with schools to enable a stress free simple solution with single sign-on. 

Students of any age can instantly log into their apps with a magic badge. A quick creative writing lesson helps students to easily remember their Emoji password or enable a username/email address and password for older students. 

To watch the full case study please follow the link - Wonde Full Interview

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“One of the biggest issues that we face globally at the moment is the disjoint between parents and the pupils in terms of digital skills.


 "One of the biggest issues that we face globally at the moment is the disjoint between parents and the pupils in terms of digital skills. Digital skills is not just using a keyboard or using a mouse, it’s about everything from being safe on the internet right the way through to how effectively to use your telephone.” 

We spoke to the CEO of the Tablet Academy, Steve Molyneux at the Bett Show about how Tablet Academy have been working with a number of initiatives, the largest being the Duke of York programme to reharmonise the education system by teaching young students digital and entrepreneurial skills. 

To learn more about the opportunities and services Tablet Academy have to offer, why not attend their up and coming EdTech event.

For more information about the EdTech event, please follow the link -  EdTech Event Info

To watch the full interview from Steve Molyneux please follow the link - Full Interview

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Parents & Teachers should be aware of the Momo Challenge and why it is so dangerous.


We have received a number of enquiries today from some of our schools concerned with the Momo craze.

There are a couple of articles relating to this issue linked below, but if you have any concerns contact Alan Foster directly at afoster@concerouk.com


The Week

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Meet the team


Meet our lovely Jane Oakley from accounts who will have been with us 9 years this year!

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‘A Focus on Online Safety’ - Are you confident your Online Safety policies and staff practice is up-to-date? 


For the upcoming Tablet Academy EdTech event our Learning Technologies Specialist, Alan Foster will be running a workshop about online policies and procedures.

To find our more information about this event, please follow the link - 

Click to find out more

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Calling all UK EdTech Teachers & Leaders -


UK EdTech Teachers & Leaders - Tablet Academy are hosting an annual EdTech convention designed to bring like-minded individuals together to participate in workshops and network activities.

Follow the link for more information 

Find out more

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Bett Show 2019 Special Guest - Paul Kett, the Director General at the Department for Education


In January we were proud to announce that alongside our partners Tablet Academy and Primary Goal we would be featured partners at the world’s biggest education technology show - The Bett Show. Concero, with our partners, ran one of the most popular stands at the entire event: The Bett Show Escape Rooms.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming Paul Kett, the Director General at the Department of Education, to show him all the fantastic work that we have produced with the aim of enhancing teaching and learning within the UK.

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Tablet Academy's Transform, Innovate and Inspire Convention


Our partners Tablet Academy UK are holding their first Annual Convention which brings together like-minded individuals from the fields of Education and Technology to participate in workshop and networking activities. The convention has been designed to be a little different to your standard conference and exhibition so prepare to be guided, alongside your colleagues, through a series of short, 30 minute activities delivered by industry and Tablet Academy experts nestled amongst the historical Royal Air Force Museum exhibits.

- £100 (+VAT) per person to attend.

- Maximum of 2 people per organisation.

- Opportunity to claim a free device worth £400*.

- Suitable for school leaders, IT leads and classroom teachers (KS2 - KS5)

To secure your place now please follow the link

To book your ticket

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Congratulations to Alex Hemming


Over the past 15 months Alex has been undertaking her Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship with QA, and has successfully passed. We look forward to seeing what else Alex will accomplish in her time at Concero. #concerouk #education

Dunstall Hill Primary in the top 3% of schools in England for progress


We want to send a massive congratulations to Dunstall Hill Primary School for being in the top 3% of schools in England for progress between KS1 & KS2.

This achievement has been recognised by the Department for Education in a letter stating,

“Thank you for producing such high standards through your hard work and professionalism, and congratulations again to you and your staff for all you have achieved.”

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Kids Bett Show Winners 2019


Kids Judge Bett voted the Escape Room as best in show for problem solving fun. We have had a great BETT Show 2019. Great to be working with our partners Tablet Academy Uk and Primary Goal to offer a seamless technology service to schools.

Click here to find out more

Bett Show 2019


What a fabulous end to BETT 2019!! It has been a pleasure to be able to network with a range of organisations who are working to create brilliant opportunities to improve and enhance teaching and learning within schools. 

Here are some highlights of our week - 
Thank you to Primary Goal, Tablet Academy Uk and The Bett Show - it has been an incredible week 

Click to watch our highlights

Enrich children's imagination through the power of story telling


Inspiring a love of books is one of the best ways to prepare children for a lifetime of learning and enjoyment through reading. One of the many elements of reading is the art of story telling. 

Story telling is an ancient art form and continues to this day as a vibrant part of culture through the world. Entice your classroom this National Story Telling Week into the world of pirates, faraway lands, fairytales and graphic novels, inspiring everyone to share their own stories and imagination.  

For National Story Telling Week (26/01-02/02) our very own Alan Foster will be reading The Bumble Bear by Nadia Shireen which will be available through Square One and our social media.  

‘There’s a new bee at Bee School. But that is not a bee… it’s a BEAR! Cheeky, sneaky Norman has a cunning plot to trick the bees and steal their honey. In his best bee onesie, Norman makes quite a convincing bee, but how long will his disguise last? And when the hive is endangered can he finally discover his true destiny and become The Bumblebear?’

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Take a look at Conceros' December issue newsletter. Included in this edition: Protecting your Office365 / Preventing online abuse / Google classroom revolution / Is your school cyber secure / Pupil competiton 

Click here to view more -




Not long now until we launch our free educational launchpad - Official launch - Monday 24th September - Be there or be square 



Take a look at Conceros' September newsletter - Featuring: A welcome back message / Get more from your Central Support / Meet the CPIQ team / Concero Wesbite / Square One is back / Ace Academy Case Study / EPICT Course

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READ ALL ABOUT IT – Concero’s new office …


READ ALL ABOUT IT – Concero’s new office …

After 10 years in business we have finally purchased commercial premises following funding from Barclays and we couldn’t be happier. 

Bradley Clegg said: “When we started out in 2008 it would have been difficult to imagine that we would have been able to grow the business to the size we have, to be offering employment opportunities and now to be owning our own premises. We will look to build on this success in the coming years.”

Jaspreet Aulakh, relationship manager at Barclays in the Black Country, said: “Concero UK Ltd are a good example of a business that has grown steadily over the years and created a specialised service in the education sector. I am delighted we have been able to support them with this purchase and look forward to watching the continued growth of the business.”

If you are visiting us or even want to write to us our new address is Concero UK Ltd

Suite D The Westlands,132 Compton RdWolverhamptonWV3 9QB and is situated opposite the Grammar School. 

Concero 10-year Anniversary Party


Concero 10-year anniversary 

On Friday 22ndJune Concero celebrated 10 successful years in business with an unmissable event with over 300 guests.  Our fabulous party was held at Grand Station in Wolverhampton City Centre, which is an amazing venue built at the old low-level station in Sun St. All the guests dressed up for this glamourous event and were definitely red carpet ready. 

The entertainment for the evening was kept a secret from James, Bradley and the Concero team which made it even more special to watch everyone’s reactions. Sweilem Ltd organised the whole event from start to finish including organising the guest list, designing invites, the entertainment, food and photography. 

Our highlight from the party was the surprise film about how Concero began which was created by Henry Go Park the Car Productions. The film included witty stories about James and Brad that had everyone in stitches. This was followed up with our very own ‘Concero Conspiracy’ band, blasting out soul and rock, formed with Concero staff members including Alan Foster, Jim Cooper, Stefan Jones, Chris Wilkinson, Andy Cunningham, Sean Russell and our cameo Concero member, lead singer Jason Mansell. After this amazing performance we all danced the night away.

Concero would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the event and those who were unable to attend. None of this would be possible without the support of all our loyal customers. Every person who attended the evening has contributed to the success of this small local business getting to the position that it is in now. Concero are still passionate about what they do even after 10 years of business and wanted to share their success with you all. So, from everyone at Concero – thank you.  


ConnectEd Event June 2018


‘Partners in Leading and Learning’ 

Concero recently sponsored the ConnectEd Partnership Conference which is designed to help advance educational opportunities and outcomes for children and young people across the city. 

The event gave local schools the freedom to network and collaborate with a range of exhibitors and attend innovative presentations from keynote speakers including Ian Gilbert who is an award-winning author and leading educational speaker. 

It was a successful day for everyone involved and Concero are proud to be part of such a fantastic organisation. 

ConnectEd’s next conference will be held on 20thJune 2019. We are already looking forward to it.